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Live Online Roulette With Real Dealers vs. Traditional


The explosion of online casinos has revolutionized the way in which we play roulette.

Countless reputable online casinos offer virtual versions of the game, either played solo or live with a professional dealer. The latter option has become increasingly popular, empowering players with the freedom and flexibility to enjoy an immersive gaming experience at any time, any place via your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

However, brick-and-mortar casinos remain active in cities across the globe, drawing millions of people to hotspots like Las Vegas, Atlantic City and more each year.

But how does playing live online roulette compare with the real thing?

Enjoy an authentic casino experience from the comfort of your own home

Once upon a time, anyone looking to try their hand at roulette had to venture out to a brick-and-mortar casino. This might have been fun if you were a social creature and loved the buzz of a thriving venue, but what if you were focused purely on the game itself?

The traditional way to play can be an inconvenience: you have to get dressed up, pay for gas or a cab ride, and buy refreshments at a marked-up rate.

Now, though, none of this is an issue with online casinos. You want to play roulette? Just find a website and dive in!

It is really that simple. Just think of all the time, money and energy you will save.

24/7 convenience and true glamour

Live-dealer roulette at most iGaming websites operate 24/7, offering you the chance to play at a time that suits you — and that means there is no need to wait for your local brick-and-mortar venue to open!

You will still get to interact with a glamorous, well-trained dealer and fellow players, only without physically sitting at a table. Companies specializing in quality live games, such as Evolution and NentEnt Live, operate high-performance video-streaming for roulette of the highest standard.

Chat boxes accommodate conversations between yourself, fellow gamers and the dealer too. This cultivates a friendly atmosphere in a non-intrusive way.

Furthermore, the dealers are subject to the same rules and regulations as they would be in a brick-and-mortar casino, and websites usually provide all the details you need to know if you are a novice. They may be based in a real casino venue or a studio designed to resemble one: either way, you will be treated to a realistic experience.

Play multiple variations all under one virtual roof

Playing live online roulette gives you access to a wide choice of variations.

A land-based casino could operate a few tables with American Roulette, European Roulette or other types, but not all of them will. Certain tables may be crowded and at capacity too, which is definitely off-putting if you prefer a quieter game.

Online casinos, though, help you avoid these issues entirely. Multiple variations of roulette are available at the majority, giving you instant access to the game that suits your current mood or tastes.

Playing with a live dealer at an online casino is kinder to beginners too. Standing at a table with dozens of other people, all of whom may be more skilled and seasoned, may be too intimidating for first-timers — robbing you of the thrill (and the chance to win) you’re looking for.

No need for tips

An additional benefit of playing live online roulette you may not have considered: there is no need for tips!

You might feel under pressure at a land-based casino to give dealers a little something extra, but that’s not available at online casinos.

The upside: they are not being warm, welcoming and helpful just to encourage tipping — they are doing it to make your virtual experience the best it can be.


Playing online roulette is a straightforward, private, convenient way for everyone to enjoy this timeless game today, in all its variations. You can sit back, relax and try as many spins as you like without having to worry about closing times, catching a taxi, paying for another round of drinks or anything else that comes with brick-and-mortar venues.

Casinos optimized for mobile devices empower consumers with a direct link to roulette wherever you have an internet connection. As the quality of both live games and handheld technology continues to advance, playing online will always deliver the same immersive, social and welcoming experience for players worldwide.